Out sick today. :P

11 03 2013

Hi guys, I’ll keep this brief. Instead of a critique today, we have a day to get organized for the next project, and likely a day to introduce IB Visual Arts to some Pre-IB?

If the Pre-IB are there, I know I can leave it up to you guys to speak to the program. Try to be briefer than I would be.

Afterwards, use the remainder of class as a technical day, we will critique when I get back.

For the next (and last in class piece) I want to urge you to think on a bigger scale. Your work has been getting smaller and smaller all term. You have to expand, please, be ambitious.


Also, someone is introducing the CAS group to acrylic today. Get them started on the concept of an underpainting and drawing on a sheet of the small canvasette. Ask Mr. Chandler to let you into the art room.




One response

15 03 2013

Hi, I’m out sick today but I will probably be in a little bit to just grab my Paris canvas if I feel well enough and I’d like to get another canvas that’s slightly smaller as well to do another painting on. Also, my mom emailed you about me being sick, by the way.

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