Out sick today. :P

11 03 2013

Hi guys, I’ll keep this brief. Instead of a critique today, we have a day to get organized for the next project, and likely a day to introduce IB Visual Arts to some Pre-IB?

If the Pre-IB are there, I know I can leave it up to you guys to speak to the program. Try to be briefer than I would be.

Afterwards, use the remainder of class as a technical day, we will critique when I get back.

For the next (and last in class piece) I want to urge you to think on a bigger scale. Your work has been getting smaller and smaller all term. You have to expand, please, be ambitious.


Also, someone is introducing the CAS group to acrylic today. Get them started on the concept of an underpainting and drawing on a sheet of the small canvasette. Ask Mr. Chandler to let you into the art room.


A sample Artist’s Statement

7 09 2012

Today, because we could not discuss the ATC show this summer, we started our first draft of our Artist’s Statements. Just to give you a little food for thought, here’s an artist statement you can read to get the gears rolling.

“My photographic exploration of animal taxidermy has evolved from the examination of individual specimens (as portraits) to the discovery or placement of animals in unusual contexts. Although taxidermy is still in the forefront, the relationship between the animal and its environment plays a greater role, thus adding a level of mysterious narrative to each situation. The photogravure process transforms this photographic information to image-as-object and creates a dissonance far more pronounced than the artificiality of the taxidermy alone.

“Silent warbler” is from Locomotive Torpor, a suite which documents small, dried animal remains and presents them as fossil-like impressions using ink on paper. The attraction to these small creatures is greatly magnified by their individual animation. They seem active, gesturing, locomotive. The gestures or implied movement of each specimen contradicts their mummified state. The greatly enlarged scale allows the viewer to explore the minutiae of the usually unexamined detail. Each creature is presented on a sheet of heavy paper, hung from specimen pins through metal grommets. The images are imprinted into the fibers of the paper in ink by a photogravure plate to echo the fossil-like nature of the specimen.

The rich beauty of the historical photogravure process represents most of my other work and is a jumping off point for my book works, artistamps and many mixed media potentialities.”

-David Morrish from Art of the Photogravure

David Morrish was my Photography instructor at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College’s School of Fine Arts. I threw this in just to provide some more artist exposure.


13 07 2012

I hope everyone has gotten a bit of a start on their artist trading cards, developed a plan, or whatever.

Don’t let the time slip away, feel free to comment below to ask any questions or share any ideas.

Hope the summer is treating you well.

Here’s that article we discussed in class

28 05 2012

The picture that photographer Thomas Hoepker chose not to publish after 9/11

Just so you guys have the opportunity to read this in full if you  are interested.


ATC and “The Plan”

23 05 2012

Ok – so here it is;

Friday – In class we will go out in the field, so to speak, to complete our art from nature pieces.

Monday – The third deadline for the mounted photo series. Failure to meet this deadline will give a whole new meaning to the word “dead”line.

Thursday next week – back in to studio for the final big piece of the school year. And on this day I will collect for IWB for the May check.

After all of these things we will begin our work towards this summer’s ATC event (see below) and our end of the year display.

Artist Trading Cards Registration Call

We  are going ahead with the 6th edition of the Artist Trading Cards event. P.E.I.’s annual Artist Trading Cards event is returning to the Confederation Centre Art Gallery this summer, and gallery staff is looking for artists of all ages and disciplines, professional and non-professional, to register.

Artist trading cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art. They can be created with any material imaginable. Cards can be made from paper, wool, wood, clay and more.

This year’s registration deadline is June 29. A week after registration, participants will be contacted to confirm the number of cards they are required to create for the August event. If 50 people sign up for the program, participants will be requested to create 50 cards.

Cards can be produced in editions (a limited number of the same card), series (set of cards with a unifying theme), or as singular originals.

The main requirement is the size: CARDS MUST BE THE SAME SIZE AS MODERN BASEBALL CARDS<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baseball_cards&gt; OR 2 ½ X 3 ½ INCHES (6 CM X 9 CM), small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. ATCs must be self-produced. The artists’ name and contact information, as well as the card title and the edition or series number is to be written on the back.

The fifth annual trading event will be held on Thursday, August 9 at 7 p.m. Along with the card trading, there will be music and a cash bar. More details on the evening’s program will be announced at a later date.

For more information or to register, please contact Monique Lafontaine at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery by email at moniquel@confederationcentre.com<mailto:artgallery@confederationcentre.com>, or by phone at 902-628-6105.


Hey Mr. Haines,

3 05 2012

Sorry I wasn’t there today but I was wondering do you want me to give you my IWB at (the end) of one of the musical rehearsals this weekend? if not when?

sorry again, 


Photo Art Walk

24 04 2012

Photo Art Walk

By: Natalie