Course Outline

 The aim of the Standard level Visual Arts course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the visual arts from a local, national and international perspective while they work to develop their own skills and confidence. Through their studies of past, present and emerging forms of visual arts the students will also be able to understand their own position in the world of art, and better develop their visual language. 

Students will divide their time between studio work and their own investigations into the world of art. These investigations will be carried out in the Investigative Workbook which will incorporate contextual, visual and critical investigation. This workbook is intended to function interactively with the studio work to develop a students ideas and their personal interests, as well as to record their personal discoveries and inspirations. 

Students will be exposed to the broadest possible range of artistic media, and encouraged to explore and develop their skills with these different media as they take responsibility for the direction of their learning.

In addition students will prepare an exhibition of their own artwork which they will discuss with a visiting examiner as part of their final evaluation. This course is an excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing post secondary education in the world of art.


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