Balloons and Balance

2 10 2009
Jason Heckenwerth

Jason Hackenwerth

Well, this week had a great many goals, most of them met. And so here is what I expect to see (in addition to what I referenced in last Friday’s post) in your workbook on Monday (or Tuesday for the canoer out there);

You should have a page or two devoted to the Principles of Art, and an additional bit of work to demonstrate that you particularly understood the element you chose to explore and share with the rest of the class. I should see an art issue from each of you that you have already presented, and three of you will of course need a new one to present on Monday. I probably mentioned it last week, but in case I didn’t remember that you also need to include your planning sketches for that first piece of ‘studio’ work we did, the piece that demonstrates your principles of art.

I also want you to include in your workbook a writeup, that explains where you used each element in that studio piece. Include a paragraph or two on what you felt were your greatest successes in  the piece, and what you felt could most have benefited from extra work.

That will go hand in hand with the rough draft of your Artist’s Statement which I should also find in there.

And of course, I expect to find a number of new pages of independent work, to reflect your ever-growing talents.

For those of you keen on the balloon art we discovered online this week, I have located the artist’s website and added it to the list of links on the link page, and I found another article about his work so for those interested here are the link’s for that article, and the one we already looked at;

Design Boom and Mail Online.

Have a great weekend, we’ll see you Monday!