I encourage the drawing of dinosaurs in Math class.

5 10 2010

Ok, so here’s my question. What is the value of these opinions? What is the value of this art? Is the artist simply being funny, or expressing a personal insight? Is a comic just a comic? Ok, so maybe I should have said, here are my questions.


I like Pterodactyls.

30 10 2009
Frank Miller

Ok, it’s the end of another week. Amazing the way that time flies eh? That’s twom months of school gone already.

   Now, the purpose of the end of the week is to review what will go in your workbook for when you hand it in, and I have decided to make a little shift to the frequency of this post. Rather than post twice for each deadline, I will just do it once, the friday before I collect the books. I think that would be better all round, after all, this way you don’t have to hunt up to posts to doublecheck what needs to be done, you only have to look at one.
   So for monday we need; The layout for one art issue, a page of ink experimentation and examples of the work of two artists whose work is similar to your own (remember only one can be pop culture!).  Also of course we expect a fair amount of personal work as always.