Wednseday Itinerary

19 04 2010

Here’s the itinerary for Wednesday guys;
Departure: Colonel Gray at 7:15 am. So we are aiming to all be there at 7am, to make sure no one is running late.

We’ll arrive at RNS at 11:00 am to view their art show.

We’ll eat with the folks at Rothsay that day, as they have generously offered to host us.

We then expect to leave there in time to arrive at the SJ Art Centre at 1:30

We depart to return to PEI 2:45  in hopes that we arrive back at Colonel Gray no later than 6:45.

Be sure to bring your IW, we’ll expect to see your impressions and reactions recorded in there. A snack or two would not be a bad idea as well, and use the bathroom before we leave, it’s a long bus ride.

We’ll be spending a lot of time on the bus with our peers from Colonel Gray, and meeting a lot of people in IB in other schools so let’s put our best foot forward, and remember, if we see a bear, we agreed not to get in any fights unless we had a shark with a  laser backing us up, especially if the bear has an axe.

There we have it!


The Robert Harris Collection

7 10 2009


Robert Harris

Robert Harris

Well, we finally got out on our first field trip, and of course, I have to go and blog about it eh? 

Having gotten out of the school and looked at the work of an artist in person rather than just in books or in little digital images was wonderful for me. I ranted on about this as we sat in the Concourse today. But now that you’ve had a little more time to think about it I thought I might let you have a space to ruminate on it. This is not homework, it doesn’t replace your contribution to the topic of “Art or Crime?”, it’s just a spot for you to reflect further on seeing real art, with a sense of real history, right in front of you.