10 10 2009


John Jude Palencar

John Jude Palencar

Well, that postcard project happened a lot sooner than I thought. So here I am at home, recovering, and summarizing what we should have done in our workbooks. You might have done an Art issue this week, that should be in there, and there should be a sketch for your ink drawing (make sure that is finished), and a couple pages dedicated to Robert Harris and another dedicated to playing with Ink. You can’t do anymore with the ink at home I know, but I’d hope that there is more reflection or work done on your on time on all that class work. I guess I should also find a quick little planning sketch done for your postcard too.

The other thing to remember is that there should also be evidence of more time spent working in that book for works own sake. If there isn’t an improvement in this area then I will be forced to start assigning more homework for you to do in that book. The only reason that I don’t assign more is working on the assumption that you are working independantly in that book on areas to your interest. 

Have a great turkey weekend guys, a two day week lies ahead, but I expect all this “free time” to also be somewhat reflected in your workbook.