Hit the ground running…

28 09 2009
Merle Keller
Merle Keller

Monday again . . . This week we are going to work on setting up our ePortfolio pages. That’ll be a very important way for us to keep a record of all of our work as these two years unfold.

We are going to develop the first rough draft of our Artist’s Statement. Something that we will refine over time and actually will be responsible to include with our final body of studio work in two years time.
We will take our first swing at art criticism too, as we look at last weeks drawings later in the week (better keep working on them!).
As if that all wasn’t enough we will also start to talk about the Principles of Design, also called the Principles of Art. A follow up to our work on the Elements of Art.
And all the while I will drink as much Starbucks as humanly possible. Hence this posts choice in art.
For the record too though guys, this was not a complete week of homework again. We will present Art issues shortly (class starts in roughly 1/2 an hour), and I hope I will be pleased with what I get then.