Here’s that article we discussed in class

28 05 2012

The picture that photographer Thomas Hoepker chose not to publish after 9/11

Just so you guys have the opportunity to read this in full if you  are interested.


Hyper Really Awesome.

26 01 2010

I am thrilled to direct your attention to the previous post about Singapore photographer Jing. It seems that by whatever means our humble little site came to his attention, and he responded to the creative question I put to you that week. Scroll back to the comments from that week to see the Artist’s own explanation.

Personally, I couldn’t think of a more awesome validation of the discussions we have on creativity on this blog. It’s just brilliant.

Gorillas drinking coffee.

19 01 2010
Lavanna Martin

I believe we once discussed the pros and cons of what I labelled “Guerilla Photography”. Taking pictures of people, either unaware, or at the very least, without permission. There were a number of different sides to the argument. This week I’d like you to reconsider your stance, and take into account a more involved style of Guerilla art in the form of the work presented on Lavanna Martin’s blog:

the earlier examples of “Guerrila Photography can be found here, or here.

That’s some Zesty Photography

15 01 2010

Welcome to Jingapore, the artistic creation of Singapore photographer, Jing. Jing creates these intense and energetic images creating a world far more dynamic than it is mundane, it’s really cool stuff. This “Super Hyper Real” world of his creates a great artistic image, and the work is really engaging. His website contains the statement;

“Take the mundane, the everyday, the uninspiring

fill it with life, energy and colour,

all tropical shiny-eyed optimism,

like an everyday Broadway musical.

This is my SUPERHYPERREAL world,


So I know what he is doing, what I’d like you guys to do this week is tell me “why” you think he does this. What message is he delivering? Take that “Artist’s statement” further.