Amazing Art

27 04 2012

Hey folks,

It’s a PD Day for me, and I day of rest (homework?) for you. We art teachers are sharing resources and ideas and Mr. Strickey from Bluefield just shared this artist with us, and I’m making them wait a minute before we move on so that I can share it with you.

No response from you is “required” but I do want you to check it out, and let me kow what you think.

And don’t forget to get some pictures posted! If we take a photo walk I want to see the results, no pictures – no more outside!


Art Analysis of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

27 02 2012

Edward Hopper's Nighthawks

The painting above is one of my favorite paintings of all time. Even if you haven’t seen the original, you’ve likely seen it referenced in many different media. The world is full of versions of this painting in Lego, featuring old film stars, with additional quotes added for entertainment. All of these homages are done because of the way this painting has resonated with the people who have seen it.

So now it’s time for you to look at it, really look at it, and see what you see.

I have an example of an art analysis prepared for you on another painting. If you want a head-start on this analysis you may see me before tomorrow’s class to get a copy of it, otherwise I’ll pass them along tomorrow. And from today you have a week to analyze this piece in your IWB and here on the blog. One of the responses may be a summary of the other. Once you guys have completed your analysis, I’ll provide you with my own and allow you the opportunity to reflect and revise your first analysis, which I will evaluate formally.

Just a little taste of those homages I mentioned.

Did you think I would not return?

22 09 2010

I am full of youtubiness

31 03 2010

At this point you should all have gotten something done in the IW on the topic of oil painting. I left your guidelines very loose, so you could let your investigation take you anywhere in the history of art. Remember this is to be handed in by “mid-terms”. I don’t want to just see a bunch of someone else’s writing printed off a computer and pasted in your book either. That would be plagerism. Do the research, write it up, and create a layout that gives it the punch I know you are capable of.

Who am I?

25 02 2010

I’d been looking for a post for this week, and while I wasn’t intent on finding another video, I was now a little more attentive to the possibility.

Finding this video though also I felt made a strong connection to the self-portraiture work we recently did, so I felt compelled to bring this to your attention this week.

Lasse Gjertson (known as lassegg on Youtube) has a background in art (though wikipedia tells me he was unappreciated by his teachers) and has become quite popular on Youutbe with at least 16 different pieces of work. These are works of animation, not just some kid with a camera that typically polutes youtube. He has been copied and imitated since his popularity began to rise, and this popularity has led to big offers from mega-corporations interested in seeing what he could do for their advertising worlds. Gjertsen however “publicly denounces the concept of advertising, ¬†considering it below prostitution, and has refused all such offers.” (wikipedia/youtube, lasseg’s channel)


12 02 2010

Kunstbar is an homage to Art History, possibly as viewed through the eyes of an alcoholic.¬† Throughout the video there are references both obvious and subtle to the major players in modern art history.¬† It’s a fun little video, and so afetr watching it I want you to tell me two things;

1) What references do you recognise? In fact, if there’s a reference that you really liked that you don’t recognise, let me know, I’ll try to fill you in.

2) What kind of a drink would you want to order?

Art or Crime?

6 10 2009
Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Another article for you to read and ponder. It relates to an artist whose work, although not his name has become familiar to everyone lately. The artist is Shepard Fairey, his work is pictured just to the left. His arrest, and the reasons for it are talked about in the article linked at the bottom of this post.

The overall topic, the “crime” or “art” in question is not an uncommon topic for debate. So now it’s time for you to weigh in on that debate.

Along with the article there is also a youtube video, and links to various blogs and other resources, so you need not limit your thinking to the information preented in one article, feel free to examine a coupel other sources.