Coming up with an interesting title is hard.

26 10 2009
Richard Haines

Richard Haines

Alright, times have been a little hectic over the last couple weeks, and that’s not going to stop anytime too soon.

I missed last week’s final post, where I reviewed what I should see from your sketchbook. But that is simple enough to fix; first, remember that you are to find two artists whose work is in some way similar to your own (but only one of which may derive from popular culture). Secondly, remember to do work for your own sake. If there is a third, it might be something like a response to the film we have been watching in class.

This week we will discuss our ink drawings, do some more independant work and introduce the final drawing before we strike of into a new media. Excited? Excellent.


Also try having a look at this, it’s just neat;

I like opportunites to view the effect color has on our perceptions. For more info about that, check here;

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