Huzzah! We did it!

18 09 2009
Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch

Well, we reached the end of the first week, and as we hoped to do, we covered all of the seven elements of art.

Each day we dealt with one or two of the elements, discussing their purpose and use, and hopefully coming to understand each of them properly. In your Investigative Workbook we should be able to show our understanding of each of these different elements now.

We also got this blog started, and each of you is expected to respond to our first question before returning to class next week. I must say, I can’t wait to hear how each of you define art.

Monday will also have us sharing our first “Art Topic”. Just a reminder that each of us was to find a topic in the world of art to share with the class by creating a layout of visuals and information in our workbooks.

Me with Hilda Woolnough and the ART 401 Scream in 2006ish
Me with Hilda Woolnough

Finally, the last thing we were meant to do over the first week and a half of classes was to find a piece of art that represented the pinnacle of art to us. The sort of thing which you aspire to, and showing that image in your workbook, you should also find out as much as you can about it and/or the artist who created it. Good questions to know the answer to when it comes to that? How about; What doe sit mean? Why did he create it? What “style” does the piece represent? Don’t worry if you don’t find those exact answers, any information you find that interests you is good.


To IB blog or not to IB . . . blog,

15 09 2009

. . . that is the question. Ok, we’ll see how this goes, how it evolves, how it develops or how it dies. 

 Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper

A week ago today we met for the first time, and in that week we have put together a whole toolbox worth of supplies, talked about the many and varied uses of your Investigative Workbook (aka Sketchbook), and taken many notes on the first few of the different “Elements of Art”

The Elements of Art are currently our focus. We need to make sure we all have the basic building blocks in place for our artwork, we need to put feathers in our wings before we try to learn to fly. But remember that end goal, once we have the feathers, we will learn to fly, and once we can fly we can go anywhere.

What “feathers” have we got now? Well by this point we should understand the uses and impact of Line, we should have an understanding of Value and it’s application. And most recently we spent a couple days on Color, and in doing so came to understand the terms; primary, secondary, tertiary, Complement, Split-Complement, Warm/Cool, Hue, Shade, Tint, Intensity, Triads, Monochromatic, and Analogous.

Not bad for one week, eh?